Thermal Bath

Thermal Bath

While being rested by the relaxing sound of crystal thermal waters, you can relive your tiredness and stress while enjoying the bathtub.

We have 2 private use historical thermal baths which are only reserved for you your family or your friends. Our all natural radioactive thermal water was proved to improve the healing processes of; rheumatism, neuralgia, neuritis, polyneuritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, arthritis, gout, fatigue, bone fractures, eczema, some allergic diseases such as asthma, and gynaecological diseases; with the reports of Turkish Republic Institute of Mineral Research and Exploration.

Thermal Baths can be reached directly using the elevator from your room floor. For the guests who are staying at our hotel; a 30 minutes daily thermal bath usage comes with no charge upon reservation. For the guests who are not staying at our hotel but willing to use thermal baths are also welcome by making a reservation by filling the Bath Reservation Form.

Bath Reservation

Thermal Bath Form

* Towels, shampoo, soap and bath gloves can be purchased from our reception.