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about us

boyugüzel termal hotel

Boyuguzel Termal Hotel is inviting you to its comfortable, peaceful and relaxing environment. We are in your service with our private car park, rich open-buffet breakfast, two private historical thermal Turkish baths, and delightfully designed 58 rooms.

With the combination of Bursa’s thermal baths, green nature, history, Uludağ, Sea of Marmara, “döner kebab”, fruits (peach and chestnut especially), silk clothes, towels, historical inns (Koza Han, İpek Han, Emir Han, Pirinç Han), historical “Silk Road”, and most importantly Turkish hospitality, “YOUR HOME IN BURSA” will be honored to host you.

our hıstory

Our name is coming from the last name of a noble landlord in Bursa named Hacı (hacı title is given to a person who is completed his pilgrimage to Mecca; for Muslims) Mehmet who died in 1643.

He had a large number of properties in Bursa, in Seyh Pasha District. In CEKIRGE, he had a land having a two-fold house with 4 rooms each floor, 4 barns, a yard, mulberry and pomegranate gardens and a 3000 Turkish liras worth (of that time) house with thermal bath.

In 1926, Salih Hayri Öztuna from Ruse/Bulgaria bought that house from an Egyptian pasha for 2000 Turkish liras. The building was then rented by a landlord named Halil and was used as a hotel. Then, During World War II (1939-1945) upon request of the Turkish army, it was used as an extension building for the Military Hospital – Eye diseases department. After W.W. II, the hotel was run by Salih Hayri Öztuna’s daughter and now run by his grandsons.

The Hotel, in years, after radical repairs and improvements reached its today’s shape and quality and now serving with 60 rooms and 2 private thermal baths. Being considered as a warm family hotel, us, “YOUR HOME IN BURSA” is always proud to host you.